IT governance and management strategic advisory

The informational resources: a strategic asset.

Customer satisfaction; our priority

After almost 7 years providing services to our customers , we asked them to evaluate our performance for 2013-2015. Here are the results and what makes the difference in our way to deliver consulting services.

Satisfaction related to management of consulting contracts and overall quality

· 99.3% overall satisfaction (from 96% for 2009-2010, 99% in 2011-2012). According to our customers, our strengths are:

· Understanding of needs and issues;

· Availability and flexibility of our consultants during contract execution;

· Management of the project/contract;

· Easiness to adjust plan or statement of work;

· Applicability of tools and recommendations delivered;

· Taking into account organizational & cultural context;

· Quality of deliverables;

· Quality/price ratio and respect of established budget.


Satisfaction related to expertise and competency of our consultants

· 97% overall satisfaction (93% for 2012). According to our customers, our strengths are:

· IT governance;

· Enterprise architecture, business models and framework usage;

· Programs/portfolios direction, including financial aspect;

· Management systems (ERP, CRM);

· Quick understanding of business processes and operations;

· Quality of communications;


According to our customers, CSG2—TI values are 100% respected across all activities.


Delivered services contributed to the following customer’s objectives;

· Facilitating communication and team work (Excellence);

· Alignment of IT with business orientations/strategies (Exceed expectations);

· Increase management practices maturity (Exceed expectations);

· Increase IT practices maturity (Exceed expectations);

· Optimization of  human, financial, material and IT resources;