IT governance and management strategic advisory

The informational resources: a strategic asset.


CSG2 - TI main mission is customer satisfaction. The service offering being mostly in the area of governance, management, process improvement and project vision and preparation, our focus is on “AGILITY”. At that level, we believe our service delivery must take into account enterprises and organisms’ context and particular constraints. Being firm in the definition of goals to reach, we want to stay flexible in regard of the means to meet them.


Business aspect

· To support and help organizations to increase information technology’s return on investment and/or asset;

· To increase management practices’ maturity level;

· To increase IT business orientation of IT organizations;

· To support IT units to become real strategic business partner;

· To leave the beaten paths and propose new ways of governing and managing IT;

· To help organizations to better synchronize their activities that keeps becoming more and more complexes;

· To realign problematic organizations and projects;

· To give to small and medium businesses access to IT governance and management best practices;

· To ensure smooth transformation of the work structure and environment;

Social aspect

· To encourage existing resources reuse and optimization;

· To leverage technologies to minimize ecological print of enterprises and organisms;