IT governance and management strategic advisory

The informational resources: a strategic asset.

IT governance

IT governance; what is this exactly?

Emerging of enterprise and IT governance comes from the need to address the following issues:


· Increased complexity of the environment in which organizations are evolving;

· Failure into management practices;

· Lack or no structure, control mechanisms and monitoring;

· No continuity in the management of the organization;

· No interest from the upper management into IT;

· Lack of knowledge of the management best practices from managers;

· Impossible to link business unit activities to common objectives


Every organization evolves in a constantly changing environment. This will lead the organization to face one or many of those issues. A good governance will enable the resolution of internal issues as they arise or come back, and to avoid political, economic, social, technology, environmental and legal issues. Neglecting IT (intentionally or not) during a changing context can results into a strategic failure.


Here is a definition of governance, applicable to IT and any other domain:


Organization of the decision mechanisms in order to provide to the management the necessary information to align organizational behavior (processes and management rules), the usage of resources and to ensure control to reach organization objectives.


Governance is the return of good sense into business administration. Now, the challenge is to apply this, we can help you there.